Browns veteran laughs off TMZ anonymous report

Cleveland Browns offensive tackle Joe Thomas thinks the TMZ report, which quotes three anonymous Browns players demanding a QB change, is bull.

"It couldn't be further from the truth," Thomas told ESPN Cleveland of the claims that his team wants Manziel to replace Josh McCown as starter, via PFT. "It really belongs more in The Onion than a reputable news source, if that's what we're gong to call TMZ.

The Onion is a statical digital news organization that got it's start as a print publication on college campuses in the late 1980's.

"I'd be shocked if they really found three starters who were behind those quotes," Thomas said.

The eight-time Pro-Bowler admitted there was some discussion about the current starter Josn McCown and back-up Johnny Manziel amongst the players, but he contends the sources are bogus, even joking that McCown himself may have been one of the three sources on board with a quarterback change.