Bryce Young at the Carolina Panthers Rookie Minicamp
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The Most Hilarious Memes About Bryce Young's Size at His First Practice

Bryce Young is the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft, going to the Carolina Panthers. The 21-year-old former Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback has accomplished so much throughout his football life and, again, he was the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft. Not many players can say that. Despite all of his success, there's something that will follow Young throughout his career until he proves he can win on the NFL gridiron: his height

Young is 5-foot-10 and under 205 pounds. If he starts Week 1, he'll be the most undersized quarterback in the NFL, so the skepticism is warranted. Those size concerns were on an even larger display when Young visited the Panthers' minicamp for the first time. Fans and other onlookers got to see Young up close and personal next to an offensive lineman who is well north of 6 feet tall. In typical internet fashion, images were taken and memes were made. 

Now, look — it's comedy, people. We're laughing at the joke. Young is an incredibly successful athlete despite his size, and he'll always be far more talented than the person who's writing this. And it's biology—he can't change his height. But, nonetheless, the internet loves to poke fun at people. 

Below are some memes that warrant everything from a brief chuckle to an uncontrollable laugh. 

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Alright, we're coming hot out the gate here, so bear with us.

This is the famous image of Young at minicamp. Of course, the perception is due to how far toward the middle of the field Young is mixed with the height difference between the offensive line and Young. Yes, Young is shorter, but the meme using "Make-A-Wish kid" prompted a loud outburst.

We're not laughing at kids in situations that would warrant them to become "Make-A-Wish kids," but "Make-A-Wish kids" are actually kids, so they're smaller than adults—which is what Young looks like in this picture.

Yes, we have to explain the humor here.

Alright, we're sticking with the same image. This one is less "controversial" than the one above, but it's simple and to the point. What helps with this meme is the comment section, which points out even the coaches are bigger than Young. One comment says, "Imagine being 12 years old an (sic) entire pro football franchise putting all their faith in you."

You've gotta love a good video meme. There is some NSFW language from the person recording the video; but if you can tolerate that, it only adds to the hilarity. According to the video, it's shot in Cleveland. It's too bad it wasn't actually shot in North Carolina otherwise, this would be an instant winner. However, the colors on the car include the Panthers' blue and white, so that counts, right? (Side note: Where does someone even get a car like that?)

We have a bit of a double-whammy here. First, the fact that there is a surgery to lengthen your legs sounds frightening and painful. Young can definitely afford $170,000, but it's hard to imagine him being able to play in the NFL if he ever had something like that done. Where the "pop" comes from, though, is the tweet reply of SpongeBob. If you'll recall, SpongeBob is taking Pearl, Mr. Krabs' daughter, out on a date to a dance. He finds a magazine called "Long Tan and Handsome" in the shell of his pet snail, Gary. After looking at the magazine, SpongeBob wants to be like the fish on the cover, so he wears a wig and tuxedo, and creates long legs with wood to increase his size dramatically. 

Young almost needs to do something like this now for some self-deprecation. Imagine him showing up to minicamp on stilts. 

Kellogg’s needs to get the Frosted Mini Wheats endorsement signed NOW
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Our final meme comes from Reddit, which I'm shocked didn't produce more on this list.

The caption is just okay. Using "mini" in "minicamp" against him is solid, but the Frosted Mini Wheats endorsement idea is incredible. Young could make so much money from creating self-deprecating commercials involving them. This is a no-brainer for all parties involved.

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