Caleb Williams, Chicago Bears, NFL, Hard Knocks

Caleb Williams, Bears Officially Chosen As 'Hard Knocks' Stars

Few shows ignite as much passion in NFL fans as HBO's Hard Knocks. People either love the show or totally ignore it. Nobody who tunes in hates it.

Anyway, this year's show could be a ratings bonanza — as it features no less than rookie quarterback Caleb Williams and the large-market Chicago Bears. The announcement became official on Thursday.

This is a first for the Bears, who have had trouble on the field in recent seasons. They're counting on Williams to help change all that.

"We are honored to feature such an iconic NFL franchise on 'Hard Knocks,'" said NFL Films Senior Director and Supervising Producer Shannon Furman. "The Chicago Bears have a talented roster, coaching staff and front office all determined to match the expectations of a hungry fanbase. We are thankful to the entire organization for opening their doors to us for what is sure to be an exciting training camp this summer."

Of course, not everyone is always thrilled to be on the show. Numerous teams and their coaches have complained about being documented by film crews during training camp.

But the NFL mandates it and now, it's the Bears' time to comply.

Any team that doesn't have a first-year head coach, hasn't reached the playoffs in the last two seasons, or hasn't appeared on Hard Knocks in the last 10 years is fair game," wrote David Hookstead of Outkick. "That meant it was either the Bears, the Denver Broncos or the New Orleans Saints."

So, yeah. It's the Bears this year. And the Broncos and Saints should brace themselves for what's coming. They're not as exciting as the Bears, though.