Cam Newton
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Cam Newton's latest social media decision has the Internet buzzing


Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is usually very active on social media and on Instagram in particular.

He has over 4 million followers on Instagram, but he recently deleted all of his posts and unfollowed everything but his own personal businesses. He even unfollowed everything and everyone related to the Carolina Panthers.

The decision has left people wondering if something is going on with the star QB. There have been a lot of changes with the Panthers following their postseason exit against the New Orleans Saints. Team owner Jerry Richardson is selling the franchise, and offensive coordinator Mike Shula was fired and replaced with Norv Turner.

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There is a link on Newton's Instagram profile to "I Post My Way," which is an app where users can create a customizable letter keyboard and can type using their own style. Newton usually used a unique combination of letters when he posted on Instagram, so it's possible his decision to delete everything is related to the app.

For what it's worth, Newton hasn't completely ditched social media. He posted on Twitter about his diversity initiative called "United As One.

There probably isn't a major reason why Newton deleted his posts, so Panthers fans don't need to freak out. He'll probably announce why soon, but fans can continue speculating in the mean time.

(h/t USA Today)