Chicago GM says something that won't please Bears fans, but everyone else will be happy

Rumors have floated around this offseason that the Bears were shopping around quarterback Jay Cutler. New head coach John Fox was given multiple opportunities at the NFL combine to give Cutler a vote of confidence, but declined and left the team in a non-committal stance with the quarterback. But the team's stance with Cutler was solidified on Wednesday.

"We're moving forward with Jay Cutler as our starting quarterback," general manager Ryan Pace said.

Cutler was so bad in 2014 that he was benched for Jimmy Clausen at one point in the season. He was 100 percent healthy, but was benched for awful Jimmy Clausen. Cutler finished the season with 24 turnovers, which...isn't good.

But Cutler being the starting QB is the only realistic option the team has this season and most likely next season, too. Cutler is due a $15.5 million guaranteed salary this season. Financially, it would be unreasonable and irresponsible to cut him and just eat the salary. He'll probably be the starting QB next season as well because he is due a $10 million guarantee.

The last Bears regime screwed the new staff, and the new staff has to deal with it.

Chicago cannot be good with Cutler as the starting QB, but the Bears really have no choice.