The Chiefs run the snow globe trick play.
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The Chiefs' 'Snow Globe' Trick Play Was Complete Disrespect

The Kansas City Chiefs are a very good football team, and they can do whatever they want on the field and still score. Apparently, that includes just making up the most ridiculous trick plays that head coach Andy Reid or his players can think of.

Patrick Mahomes and the entire offense decided to go full merry-go-round for a trick play in the second quarter during Kansas City's 31-13 win over the Las Vegas Raiders on Saturday, leaving the internet just as baffled as the Raiders' defense. Some at home loved it, while others took issue with it and said it was completely disrespectful.

Kansas City's "Snow Globe" Trick Play

The Chiefs were already up 24-3 before halftime when they decided to run this play, and it's just the pure embodiment of playing with their food. Running back Jerick McKinnon lined up behind center with a player on either side and Mahomes behind him. The result was pure mind-bending, as McKinnon pitched the ball to Mahomes, who found wide receiver Kadarius Toney on a screen pass.

Unfortunately, a holding call wiped this touchdown off the board. Otherwise, it would have been the best trick play of the season.

Mahomes was asked about the play after the game, because how could he not be? He said the team drew up the play around Christmastime, hence the "snow globe" moniker. They practiced it, and Reid liked what he saw.

While a lot of people loved the play for its insane silliness and pee wee football feel, some said it was plain disrespectful to the Raiders. Honestly, it was — but who cares?

Raiders fans, how we feeling after this? Or are you guys just disowning the team at this point?

Hopefully, the Chiefs break out more of this in the playoffs. Please.

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