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Pricey Chiefs Stadium Renovation Could Be Up For Another Vote

GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium, home to the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, needs some renovations and that idea could be put up for another public vote.

"A lengthy article recently appearing in the Kansas City Star leads with the notion that Jackson County, Missouri residents — who overwhelmingly rejected the continuation of a sales tax to finance stadium renovation and construction earlier this year — could be asked to do it again," wrote NFL insider Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.'

The topic was again broached by Missouri House Majority Leader Jonathan Patterson.

"I do think before this is said and done, Jackson County is going to have another vote," Patterson said, via the KC Star and Florio.

This type of news normally bores fans, but in a worst-case scenario, the Chiefs could leave Kansas City if they don't get the stadium fixes they want. It's highly doubtful it would come to that — but this is pro sports, and half the time there's often no telling what might happen next.

"Patterson believes a second vote would have a different outcome, now that Kansas has mobilized to poach one or both teams. We're not so sure about that," Florio wrote. "The voters were surely smart enough to know that Kansas would be ready to try to lure the teams across the border in April, and that still wasn't nearly enough to come close to winning the day — only 41 percent of voters approved the measure.

"The better approach might be to pick one of the two teams (the Chiefs) and focus the efforts of keeping them, even if it means losing the Royals."

No matter how you spin it, the Chiefs have a stadium issue, and whether that excites the masses or not, it's something worth monitoring.