Xander Babudar, infamous Chiefs fan, poses for a picture with his fingers up.
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Who is 'Chiefsaholic,' the Chiefs Super Fan-Turned-Fugitive Who Was Arrested?

"Chiefsaholic," aka Xaviar Babudar, was arrested after being accused of a string of bank robberies. He was a fan favorite in Kansas City.

A Kansas City Chiefs super fan who goes by the name "ChiefsAholic" was arrested July 7 after being on the run for four months, the FBI reported. The FBI said it also connected him to a string of robberies throughout the Midwest. This is all according to court documents that were released Monday by the U.S. Attorney's Office in the Western District of Missouri.

The arrest of "ChiefsAholic," whose real name is Xaviar Babudar, took place just outside Sacramento, California, in connection with robbery that took place in Iowa last year. This is the second time in a matter of months that the 29-year-old was arrested on robbery charges.

How Babudar Went From Chiefs Fan to Kansas City Most Wanted

Xander Babudar poses for a picture with a Raiders fan.

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On Dec. 16, Babudar was arrested in Oklahoma and charged in connection with the robbery of a Tulsa credit union. Authorities said they believe he stole $150,250. At the time, Babudar pleaded not guilty and was released on bond in February. In early March, he removed his ankle monitor, disappeared and went on the run as a fugitive, according to authorities. When he didn't show up for his arraignment meeting, he was placed on the Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers Most Wanted List.

The FBI said it has linked Babudar to at least six other bank or credit union robberies throughout the Midwest that all occurred over a nine-month span last year. It said it believes he stole more than $800,000 from financial institutions in Iowa, Minnesota, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Nebraska.

The FBI says Babudar's cell phone was tracked to the locations of the robberies or attempted robberies. He then purchased and redeemed more than $1 million in chips from various casinos in the area to launder the stolen money, according to the FBI.

Kansas City Chiefs fans would recognize Babudar at games, as he frequently attended them wearing a wolf costume. He grew a massive following throughout social media. 

In February, ESPN wrote an expose about Babudar and his life outside of a football stadium. He would lie about his past and upbringing, had a history of legal trouble, and quite possibly was without a home for several years, according to ESPN. The article also provides details about the robbery in Tulsa.

The Man Behind the Wolf: Who is Xaviar Babudar?

Babudar grew to be a fan favorite in Kansas City. He attended nearly every Chiefs home and away game, always in his signature wolf costume. He also gained a following on social media of tens of thousands of followers at @Chiefsaholic, often tweeting pictures of his bets on the Chiefs.

Not much is known about the background of the 29-year-old except what his lawyer, Tracy Tiernan, told the New York Times. The Oklahoma-based lawyer said he hadn't heard from Babudar since earlier this year.

"He had a bad hand dealt to him in life," Mr. Tiernan said. "He had no guidance from his father, and he struggled with homelessness. It was a terrifically difficult climate for a teenager to endure."

Babudar appeared in U.S. District Court in Sacramento on Monday. The U.S. Attorney's Office in the Western District of Missouri has said the case will be presented in front of a federal grand jury to determine whether to indict Babudar on the added robbery charges.

Babudar has been initially charged with one count of bank theft and one count of transporting stolen property across state lines. It is unclear at this time whether he has an attorney.

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