NBC analyst believes a usual cellar dweller is actually the best team in the NFL this year Dan Patrick Show/YouTube

The NFL has a few great teams this year like New England, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. However, there’s another team getting a lot of love for a phenomenal turn around season in Jacksonville. The defense has been dominant at every level and they’re so good at 7-4 that NBC analyst Chris Simms thinks they are actually the best team in the league.

Here’s Simms on the Jags at about the 12:18 mark of the video below:

Of course, he thinks their record would be better if they had a different quarterback behind that offensive line. He said that they were the best team in the league pretty much despite playing with “the 70th best quarterback” in Blake Bortles. He called out the general manager in David Caldwell and said that his ego is getting in the way of letting this team be as great as it should be.

Simms went on to compliment the rest of the team though by saying it’s an “all-time great defense” and compared it to the 2000 Ravens and 2015 Broncos teams that won Super Bowls. He then went on to bash Bortles further and he backed up his “70th-best” remark by saying that he really does believe that every backup in the league is a better thrower than him. But to say that this team is the best in the NFL is pretty bold despite them not having the best record or having even a decent-to-good offense.

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