Christian McCaffrey will go down as one of the top college football players of his generation for what he was able to accomplish at Stanford. Naturally, his play for the Cardinal has many people excited about what he’ll potentially be able to do in the NFL.

The hype for McCaffrey is high. It’ll be even higher after a video of him making four-time Pro Bowler Luke Kuechly look like a chump makes the rounds on the internet, though.

Bill Voth caught a video for McCaffrey running routes at Panthers’ camp. He was running a simple out route with Kuechly charged with guarding him from the inside out. The former Heisman Trophy contender flashed some nice speed and footwork to get open on the out-route, but that’s not what has people talking about this play.

It’s the broken ankles. The broken ankles have people going crazy.

Technically, McCaffrey juked out Kuechly three times. The first was the quick stutter step and head fake that caused Kuechly to pause for just a nanosecond in order to protect his inside leverage. That’s solid, fundamental route running.

Second was the killer stop and spin that had Kuechly falling over. The linebacker obviously felt that McCaffrey was going to try to turn it up to the sideline, and a less elusive running back probably would have done that — especially in practice.

Last but not least was the okie-doke McCaffrey hit at the end. It a pure jump cut that had Kuechly all kinds of confused as to where the potential star running back was going.

That was a Barry Sanders-like exhibition from McCaffrey, and the fact that he hit it against one of the top linebackers in the game is extremely impressive.

Who cares if it happened in practice. If McCaffrey can make Kuechly look this silly when there’s nothing on the line, imagine what he’ll be able to do against the Panthers’ opponents in 2017.

(H/T Bro Bible)

Christian McCaffrey is out here making 4-time Pro Bowlers look foolish Photo Credit: @PanthersBill
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