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Colin Cowherd thinks Tony Romo will end up with this unlikely team at the end of the year

According to this sports personality, Tony Romo could be headed north next season.

With the emergence of rookie Dak Prescott, Tony Romo's future in Dallas seems to grow more tenuous by the week.

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Jerry Jones and the front office would have you believe that this is still Romo's team and the instant he recovers from injury, he'll be back under center. But conventional wisdom (think Drew Bledsoe and Tom Brady) says differently. This is the fourth significant injury Romo's suffered since 2010. Moreover, he's 36, and the window was already inching its way downward on his career.

Many pundits believe that Prescott's stellar play has all but led the way for Romo's exit. Fox Sports' Colin Cowherd is one of them. On a recent radio broadcast, Cowherd forecasted that Romo's departure could come as soon as next season (H/T Landry Hat).

"Tony Romo to the New York Jets at the end of the year. The Cowboys have moved on emotionally with Dak Prescott. Romo will come back, last long enough to give teams like the sign him to a two-year deal. And Dak will still only be making $400K a year, rookie deal, allowing the Cowboys to eat some of Romo's contract which makes it more attractive to the New York Jets."

It remains to be seen how accurate Cowherd's prediction is, but it's become increasingly clear that Romo's days as a Cowboy are coming to a close.