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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is the biggest winner of the Raiders’ move to Las Vegas


Every owner in the NFL is set to make over $50 million in relocation fees after the Raiders, Rams and Chargers relocated, but Jerry Jones stands to profit more than any other owner.

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Jones has been instrumental in the last four NFL stadium deal, for the San Francisco Giant into Levi Stadium, the new Raiders deal, and new deal for the Chargers and Rams in Inglewood. Jones also co-owns the marketing company Legends with former New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner's family, and Legends stands to earn an exorbitant amount of money from marketing new stadiums for NFL teams.

Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News noted that Legends stands to profit -- really profit -- from selling suites and sponsorship.


"The result of all four teams' new stadium activity in the last four or five years? Hundreds of millions of dollars for Legends, I'm told, and if Las Vegas takes off, Jones' company is potentially set to become more valuable, by itself, than most NFL franchises."

Jones even acknowledged how much he values Legends.

"Legends is important," Jones said according to the Star-Telegram. "They need Legends to sell."

Three NFL teams have relocated in less than 15 months, and while it can be bad for players, fans and coaches, it's good for business. Given how much money is at stake, it wouldn't be surprising to see more teams relocate in the near future.


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