Cris Carter calls out fellow HOFer Jerry Rice, whose legacy continues to tarnish by the day

Jerry Rice has dug himself a grave that looks like it's going to be impossible to climb out of. In an interview with ESPN on the evolution of gloves, Rice admitted to using a stickum, which is a substance that would make your gloves sticky and help make it easier to catch the ball. The problem with Rice admitting this is, stickum was banned in 1981. He began playing in 1985.

He then apologized for admitting that he cheated, but qualified it by saying ALL players used the sticky material. But fellow hall of famer Cris Carter stood up for himself to refute Rice's "fact."

Along with Rice, Carter is considered one of the greatest receivers of all-time, and for him to come out and pretty much call Rice a liar speaks volumes to what Rice has done in the football community by admitting he cheated and throwing every receiver under the bus.

Carter also called the fellow hall of famer a cheater because he used stickum.

Rice recently called out the New England Patriots for being "cheaters" and that their Super Bowl trophy should be tainted and have an asterisk next to it. But under that same logic, his numbers are tainted and need an asterisk next to it as well.

He continues to look a giant hypocrite by the day and I don't know if there's a way for him to remedy the situation.