Dallas defender follows in coach’s footsteps, talks up Tom Brady before big game

First head coach Jason Garrett sings his praises, now Cowboys defensive end Jeremy Mincey, seems everyone in Dallas loves Tom Brady.

Mincey, who spent four months at New England with Brady, told ESPN that he believes his former teammate Tom Brady is the best quarterback in NFL history.

"I mean I'm a big Brady fan," Mincey told ESPN. "The dude's a great player. Like he's a great player. He's a great competitor and works really hard. I mean I got to experience watching him work, and this is 10 years ago watching him work, I mean same guy. Nothing's changed about him. Same person, and any man like that you got to pull your hat off for him and congratulate him."

This coming on the heels of Garrett's love-fest praise about the All-Pro quarterback.

Should Patriots (3-0) fans be a little worried about their star quarterback? With all this buttering up, seems like they're planning a barbecue in Dallas on Sunday.