ARLINGTON, TX - DECEMBER 10: Darius Slay #2 of the Philadelphia Eagles looks on from the sideline prior to an NFL football game against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium on December 10, 2023 in Arlington, Texas.
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Darius Slay Makes Hilarious Comparison to Eagles’ Late-Season Coaching Change

Eagles star Darius Slay broke down the team's mid-December change at defensive coordinator in the most understandable way possible.

When Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni made an incredibly late and unusual decision to make a change when it came to the team's defensive coordinator in mid-December, it wasn't just fans and media pundits collectively spinning their heads, as star defensive back Darius Slay was right there with everyone else in trying to sort it all out.

Based on what he Slay had to say, it's possible he's still trying to figure out the math that went into the abrupt decision. Initially, the five-time Pro Bowler offered up some pretty straightforward, albeit honest stuff.

"It was a big move all across the board. I've never been part of none of that, as in a whole new coordinator coming in," Slay told reporters. "That's tough, but I don't control that kind of stuff. I just kind of like try to do my job the best I can. But trying to find two identities of a coach is tough."

But then, well then Slay quickly dialed things up a notch to give us all the much-needed, comical comparison of what a juggling act it felt like after Sean Desai's defensive coordinator responsibilities were handed over to Matt Patricia:

"It's like having like ... two marriages," Slay said. "You know how hard two marriages would probably be in a household? Two personalities of two women? That's tough. You know. No offense to the women. That's crazy talk. Like, you gotta what? One might want her feet rubbed, one might want her shoulder rubbed. That's crazy."

Comparing the tough spot to being in two marriages at the same time certainly breaks it down to a bare bones, relatable level. It also does a great job in explaining the Eagles brutal 1-4 skid to end the season following the change.

When the announcement first came, it did come across extremely puzzling as Desai seemingly would still technically be holding the title of defensive coordinator, while Patricia would be the guy calling the defense going forward.

Strange, to the say the least. And honestly, while it was clear changes were needed with the Eagles, it almost felt like the type of bizarre move that openly waved the white flag for the team's remaining opponents. Not exactly the best strategy when, at the time, the Eagles were still vying for the No. 1 seed in the NFC.

We all know what happened after that. Soon enough, we'll also know the true fate of coach Sirianni and a host of the team's top stars.

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