LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 23: Former NFL safety Darren Sharper (C) appears in court with his lawyers Lisa Wayne (L) and Leonard Levine at Los Angeles Superior Court March 23, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. Sharper pleaded guilty to charges of sexually assaulting a woman in Arizona as part of a broader plea deal and was sentenced to nine years in federal prison. Sharper is facing charges in four states for allegedly drugging woman and sexually assaulting them. (Photo by Nick Ut-Pool/Getty Images)

Darren Sharper will spend a long time in jail for raping and drugging women, thanks to this judge


Former NFL standout Darren Sharper has been sentenced to 18 years in prison (15 months short of the maximum) for drugging and raping "as many as 16 women" in four states, per the Associated Press.

According to documents obtained by ESPN in the plea deal, Sharper pleaded guilty to three counts of distributing drugs with rape as the aim. He, and a friend who is a former sheriff's deputy, put anti-anxiety drugs or sedatives in women's drinks in order to rape them.

Sharper pleaded guilty or no contest to charges in Louisiana, Arizona, California and Nevada.

Even more unbelievable? The prosecution reportedly suggested a nine-year prison term as part of a plea deal, but the judge (rightfully) rejected it as too lenient in June.


Sharper's sentencing is the latest string of athletes getting out of crimes with incredibly light sentences. Sharpers' 18-year sentence is nothing, however, compared to the six-month sentence Brock Turner received for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman.

Sharper apologized to the victims, but one of the women called Sharper arrogant and "twisted" before telling him to "go to hell."

Sharper, now 40, spent 14-years in the NFL with the three teams, He was a five-time Pro Bowler who won a Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saints.