Eagles Pro Bowler admits to quitting on Chip Kelly and his team

There are some cardinal sins in the game of football and quitting on the team is definitely one of them. What's worse than that? Coming out and saying you quit on the team. That's exactly what Philadelphia Eagles Pro Bowl left tackle Jason Peters did on Saturday against the Washington Redskins. 

The Eagles had a glimmer of hope to make the playoffs with a win over their NFC East rivals in the Washington Redskins. However, it became pretty evident that the game was out of hand and so Peters decided it wasn't worth risking an injury by staying in the game. He had just been named a Pro Bowler for the eighth time last week and pretty much said the game wasn't for him.

"I'm not going to get hurt for this," Peters told people on the Eagles' sideline, according to Fox 29 in Philadelphia. The 33-year old quitting on the team may be a foreshadowing of things to come in Philly for coach Kelly and for the rest of the team after Kelly overhauled the roster and barely survived accusations of racism during his tenure. There's some sort of change undoubtedly coming for the Eagles and soon.