Emily Harrigan kicks field goals.
Screenshot from Instagram

This Female Soccer Player Nailing 40-Yard Field Goals Needs an NFL Tryout

Emily Harrigan was a soccer player at Pitt, and now she uses her big leg to kick field goals on social media.

In the NFL, we've seen plenty of turnover at the kicker position, which makes sense because it's one of the toughest jobs in sports.

But Emily Harrigan, a female soccer player who used to play for the University of Pittsburgh, certainly has some skills in kicking field goals. She's making noise on social media, where she drills field goals with ease. I think it's time an NFL team gives her a shot. Just take a look:

Of course, Harrigan is seen kicking balls off a tee. It's much more complex than this in a live NFL game, such as the defenders bearing down on you, the snap, the holder turning the ball, running up to the ball. All of those things.

However, being able to kick up to 48 yards, which she says in the reel is her max, is super impressive.

In the reel, we see her start at 20 yards, and go back in 10-yard increments until 50 yards. She just barely missed the 50-yard kick.

She committed to Pitt after graduating high school in 2018. Per Soccer Wire, her youth club was the Pittsburgh Riverhounds Development Academy where she's a sports coach, per her LinkedIn. The description says she attends training sessions and coaches U9 and U10 girls.

On the Pitt website, there are stats recorded from her from 2021 season. She started one game and played in 16. She scored two goals and had three assists playing 409 minutes.

So, even if this doesn't remotely emulate the action of a live football game, there's certainly some talent here.

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