Bristol, CT - June 22, 2014 - Studio X: First SportsCenter show on the new set with anchors Steve Levy (l) and Stuart Scott (Photo by Rich Arden / ESPN Images)

ESPN gets terrible news as the ratings come in for Monday Night Football

Bad news for ESPN.

NFL ratings have been down across the board this year, but ESPN might have gotten its worst news this week when Monday Night Football ratings came in. The results? One of the worst ratings of all-time for ESPN.

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The news gets worse, as ESPN's biggest competitor — FOX Sports 1 (FS1) — experienced a great boost last week thanks to the MLB Playoffs. For the first time since its inception two years ago, FS1 beat ESPN in average ratings for a week.

Overall, ESPN has had a rough 12 months. Several of their top talents have jumped ship to join FS1, and ratings for a lot of ESPN's top shows are simply down like a lot of television right now. The fact that a usual ratings killer like Monday Night Football is down, too, is what really hurts the four-letter network.