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Ex-Dolphins Star CB Xavien Howard Accused Of Sending Sexually Explicit Pic To Teen

Former Miami Dolphins star cornerback Xavien Howard sent a male teenager a sexually explicit photograph of the young man's mother after she refused to get an abortion, a new court filing in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., alleged.

The accusation was made Thursday in a lawsuit filed in 2023 by a woman who is not actually the mother of the teen. That woman alleged that Howard, 30, had secretly recording the two having sex and then sharing the recordings. She added that he also shared, without her consent, sex tapes she initially had agreed to make.

Attorneys for the woman want the teenager, now 18, added as a plaintiff against Howard — released this offseason by the Dolphins in a money-saving move. He is now an NFL free agent.

The teenager is the son of another woman whose attorneys claim also had a relationship with Howard and was also recorded having sex with him. That woman is not suing Howard.

"Xavien Howard operates by intimidation and force. Where he goes, destruction follows, and the lives of two individuals have been irrevocably altered because of him," attorneys Cam Justice and Adriana Alcade wrote in their filing.

"Mr. Howard denies the claims and looks forward to prevailing in a court of law," his attorney, Ted Craig, said in a short statement.

The Associated Press cited court documents in reporting that the teen's mother and Howard were embroiled in a dispute regarding her decision not to terminate her pregnancy in September 2022. Howard, purportedly the father of the child, allegedly engaged in actions described as an attempt to degrade and humiliate the woman. The plaintiff asserts that Howard transmitted a photograph depicting the teen's mother engaged in a sexual act, leading to profound emotional turmoil for the teenager.

This revelation comes amid a broader legal battle in which Howard faces allegations of distributing sexually explicit materials without consent. The original lawsuit, filed under the pseudonym Jane Doe, details claims from a woman who asserts she was in a relationship with him in 2022. Allegations include his dissemination of sexually explicit videos involving the woman and others without their consent.

In response to the latest filing, attorneys for the plaintiff assert that Howard's actions have inflicted severe emotional harm on the teen.