Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Ezekiel Elliott takes a massive blow in appeal to have 6-game suspension wiped out

Bad news for Elliott and the Cowboys.

The Ezekiel Elliott suspension is back on yet again.

After trying get another injunction to stay his suspension, Elliott is eligible to be suspended by the NFL again after the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals denied the injunction.

Elliott is still able to appeal his suspension, and the appeal will be heard on an expedited basis. However, the NFL now has free reign to enforce Elliott's six-game suspension that was originally handed down in the offseason.

Elliott's six-game suspension stems from domestic violence allegations made against him over the past year. While Elliott was not charged in any domestic violence incident, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has the power to suspend players under the league's personal conduct policy.

Elliott had appealed his suspension to the courts, much in the same manner that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady did during the DeflateGate scandal. Elliott's appeal was initially denied, but Elliott was able to get his suspension put on stay multiple times. However, it now looks like he may finally have to start serving the suspension, as his appeal hearing is unlikely to be heard by Sunday's Cowboys game against the Falcons.

If Elliott's full suspension were to be upheld at this point, Elliott would not be able to return until Dec. 24 when the Cowboys play at home against the Seahawks.