Football fans get championship tattoos all the time. Sure, most do it after their team has won the Super Bowl or a national championship — that is the logical thing to do — but there have been plenty of instances of prediction tattoos as well.

Whether or not those predictions work out is a different story, but the point here is that they happen — all the time.

Predicting a championship via permanent ink on your body is one of the boldest things you can do, especially when considering that at least in the NFL, only one of the 32 teams eligible will win it each season.

You’ve got to be pretty confident in your team, or just a plain fool, to predict multiple championships in a row via tattoo though, but that’s exactly what one Philadelphia Eagles fan has done, according to a picture circulating on the world wide web.

That picture, in all of its glory, can be seen below:

To be fair to whomever this fan is, the Eagles are currently 8-1, first in the NFC East and currently on a seven-game winning streak. There’s no guarantee the Eagles win the Super Bowl but as it stands they have as good a chance as any. According to the total league standings, the Eagles do have the best overall record in the NFL by a long-shot and in the NFC, they’re currently set to be the No. 1 seed in the playoffs.

So yeah, there’s a really good chance the Eagles can make it all the way this season. With that said, there’s also a really good chance they don’t.

But a three-peat? Good luck buddy. You’re going to need some of that Vince Papale magic.

NFL fan comes off the top rope with the boldest championship prediction tattoo of all-time @AmyLeighP/Twitter
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