Fans complaining about Tom Brady's cursing habits should shut up, and here's why

I've always felt that athletes that risk brain damage on a daily basis for my entertainment should be able to curse, taunt and dance whenever they please without the risk of being fined or ridiculed. That's why I think the fans who are complaining about Tom Brady's foul mouth are ridiculous.

Brady has been under fire by parents and fans around the country who have found his language on the football field to be unnerving. But, the Patriots QB has made it clear already, he doesn't care about the feelings of these fans. 

I understand the fans complaints that their children are watching the game and then ask questions about what their favorite player is saying. Just look at this complaint filed to the FCC, obtained by The Smoking Gun, about Brady's behavior:

"My 8-year-old grandson was watching the game with me and even commented that he should not have said that. . . . I understand the first time it happened that the camera man would not have expected that but to keep the camera on Tom Brady as he kept yelling was uncalled for."

Imagine what this grandparent's reaction is going to be when little Johnny hears his peers curse in school. I get Brady may be viewed as role models for some little kids and his cursing is offensive to some, but then I'd say don't watch a violent, bloody football game and expect G-rated behavior from grown men. It's not going to happen anytime soon, and probably never will.

Are these the same fans who disapprove of coaches yelling at their players on the sidelines or when they yell at referees because it sets a bad example for children? What they should really be mad about are the players who intentionally try and hurt opposing players, but I don't hear any getting in an uproar over that behavior.

I believe those that have a problem with his behavior also have a problem in controlling what your kids watch on television. He or she shouldn't be watching football if you're appalled by inaudible curse words. Stick to cartoons.