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Video of Kids Mic'd Up for NFL Flag Football is Top-Shelf Comedy

NFL Films dropped a great clip of kids playing flag football while mic'd up and, to no surprise, it's really all about the ice cream.

As diehard football fanatics collectively head into Week 10 of the NFL season carrying all sorts of seemingly life-altering burdens about their favorite teams, players and fantasy football squads, it's important to remind oneself every now and again that it is just a game.

This is often harder for some than it is for others, but look no further than the following video featuring a bunch of mic'd up kids playing flag football for an instantaneous, proper return to reality:

Honestly, this served as such a tremendous "timeline soother" in the midst of all the other typical surrounding noise on social media.

For a 47-second video, it's quite the loaded clip with a lot of greatness to unpack. Considering it kicks off with an adorably self-aware youngster — presumably speaking to a coach — saying, "I understand I'm fat, but I'm fast," it somehow manages to sustain this level of comedy from start to finish.

Then there's the kid talking to his buddy about almost "Mossing" everyone on the other team. The mere fact that young kids are out there casually referencing Randy Moss and know what it means to be "Mossed" does a very effective job in completely warming the football-loving heart.

Up next is the "What The Flip" kid which really needs no detailed explanation. The young fellow simply cannot believe any of the information he's receiving. He just keeps climbing the ladder of exasperation and does so by politely using "flip" in lieu of a different F-word.

After that, it's a whole lot of amusing confusion and chaos. That is, of course, until the all-business Packers quarterback arrives and begins to confidently direct traffic and put players in a position to succeed like a seasoned player-coach. At the same time, he was also willing to admit his mistakes after missing his target. What an absolute gem of a kid.

The closing portion about all-things ice cream is straight perfection and offers some great insight as to why Patrick Mahomes so badly wants to play flag football in the 2028 Olympics.

Oh come one, Patrick! Enough beating around the bush. Flag football is awesome, but please just admit how excited you are for the ice cream truck. Much like the rest of us.

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