Fun turning Johnny Manziel lying down in the endzone into a meme

As you probably know by now, Johnny Manziel made his regular season NFL debut for the Cleveland Browns at quarterback yesterday against the Bills. Things got off to a great start for Mr. Football as he marched the Browns down the field on his opening drive and scrambled for a rushing touchdown.

Manziel's career started fast, but the second possession of the game for he and the Browns featured this play — a fumbled snap and then an incompletion that was initially ruled a fumble touchdown.

The best part of all of this was Manziel playing dead in the endzone to avoid getting hit, and we had a little fun with that making a slumber party in the endzone for Manziel and athlete friends.

First, Johnny and Chris Kaman.

Then Johnny, Kaman, and Manny Pacquiao.

And finally, Lance Stephenson joined the party.

(Vine h/t @Steve_OS)