GLENDALE, ARIZONA - SEPTEMBER 17: Evan Neal #73 of the New York Giants looks on following an NFL football game between the Arizona Cardinals and the New York Giants at State Farm Stadium on September 17, 2023 in Glendale, Arizona.
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New York Radio Host Loses His Mind On Frustrating Second-Year Player

Don La Greca took talk show rants to a whole new level after going off on New York Giants offensive tackle Evan Neal.

La Greca, co-host of the Michael Kay Show on 98.7 ESPN New York took strong exception to comments Neal made about fans booing the Giants following the first half of Monday Night's 24-3 loss to Seattle.

Neal could be heard yelling at fans to "boo louder." Instead of walking back those comments, Neal went even further, telling, "Why would a lion concern himself with the opinion of a sheep? The person that's commenting on my performance, what does he do? Flip hot dogs and hamburgers somewhere?"

La Greca took to the radio airwaves to express his displeasure. In his rant, which is about 4 minutes and 11 seconds, he went from simply reading Neal's comments to a screaming tirade, calling Neal a "piece of garbage" and "human trash."

"I'd rather have a guy that's flipping hamburgers block than your piece of garbage ***," La Greca screamed. "Who the hell are you to talk to fans like that, you piece of garbage?"

La Greca went on to say Neal should be cut for his remarks, that Giants fans were here before him and they'll be here after his sorry a—- is cut.

"I hate when players do that!" La Greca yelled. "You're not above us. What, because you happen to play a sport... you're better than me? You're better than the people who pay your salary?"

After La Greca finally calmed down, he explained his real issue was with Neal insulting fans who support the team.

As a former radio sports talk host, I know how frustrating it is to go on the air five days a week for three or four hours and talk about local losing teams over and over. Sometimes, you have to light a fire to push people's hot buttons, get them talking. New York radio hosts are famous for their angry, sometimes profanity-laced screaming monologues.

La Greca, however, has a point. Fans pay money to cheer and boo all they want. As long as they don't throw things on the field, insult players and coaches with racial or homophobic slurs, they have the right to voice their displeasure when a team isn't giving them what they're paying for.

The Giants certainly haven't this season. They deserve the fans' ire after giving up a franchise-high 11 sacks along with three turnovers and six special teams penalties against the Seahawks.

Neal's frustration is understandable, but his remarks were out of place. There's one simple way to get your fans cheering for you again: play better football.

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