A fight broke out Thursday afternoon at the Green Bay Packers OTAs. According to The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Michael Cohen, several punches were thrown but the situation luckily didn’t spiral out of control.

The two players involved in the fight were offensive tackle and Jason Spriggs and linebacker Johnathan Calvin, where the the former didn’t like how the latter went at him in a team drill. This doesn’t seem like it’s a big deal, as it seems like it was just one of those situations that happens in NFL practices from time to time when emotions are running high and sometimes guys take exception to another player’s going to hard

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Michael Cohen’s reported on the incident, saying that several punches were thrown, but, perhaps most importantly, the fight started after what Spriggs saw as excessive contact by Calvin.

The incident could turn into a much bigger deal because of how the fight got started, as it is against the NFL’s CBA, and the Seattle Seahawks lost out on a 2017 fifth-round pick, a hefty fine along with a week of OTAs being taken away from Pete Carroll’s team for the same reason.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out for Green Bay over the next couple of months and whether or not the NFL drops the hammer on the Packers like they did for the Seahawks a season ago.

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Fight between Super Bowl contending teammates may have stemmed from breaking NFL rules Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

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