Hall of fame QB Roger Staubach thinks Johnny Manziel has 'Russell Wilson-type talent'

Johnny Manziel's rookie year with the Cleveland Browns was an absolute failure. He played in five games and completed 18 passes in 35 attempts. He had three turnovers and just one rushing touchdown.

Despite what the statistics show, hall of fame QB Roger Staubach thinks Manziel has all of the tools to be a Super Bowl winning QB.

"If he really truly gets his life back on track, his talent is Russell Wilson-type,'' Staubach told USA TODAY Sports. "So size isn't the overwhelming issue for him when you have Russell and Drew Brees winning Super Bowls at the same size."

After spending more than two months in a drug and alcohol treatment facility, Manziel was released on Saturday. That's just one step to becoming a better teammate. Reportedly, Manziel lost the trust of his locker room, and if you want to be a successful quarterback in the NFL, you need to be the biggest leader on the team.

"Johnny has got the arm strength. I don't know why talent wise, he still can't be a really good football player," Staubach said. "But you have to be more than just a talent as a quarterback. You have to be mentally tough and you have got to be a leader. And you have to transfer that to your teammates.

"And I think Johnny lost the confidence of his teammates because of his personal issues. He has to get that back.''

Manziel is expected to join the Browns for offseason workouts on April 20.