Here's a list you don't want to lead: the NFL teams with the most arrests in the decade

If you haven't been counting, you may be surprised to see what NFL team has the most arrests this decade.

If you thought the Cincinnati Bengals or Oakland Raiders have the most player arrests this decade, you thought wrong. According to USA Today's database, the team with the most is the defending Super Bowl champs.

Denver has had 19 players arrested since 2010, with Minnesota (18) and Indianapolis (17) close behind. Cincinnati and Oakland are Nos. 8 and 16, respectively.

Denver had a particularly rough start to the decade as eight of the 19 arrests came in 2010 and 2011. Cody Latimer is the most recent Denver player to get into trouble. He called police on his girlfriend in May after he alleged she hit him, but he was the one who ended up in the back of a cop car after an outstanding traffic warrant was found.

Perhaps most astonishing of all: there have been 309 player arrests since 2010, which is an average of over 50 a year.

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