Here's Jameis Winston's first Tampa Bay Buccaneers commercial

A little over two weeks have past since Jameis Winston was selected No. 1 overall in the draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The team seems to really like what they have seen out of the quarterback, with some personnel saying he has exceeded expectations so far. 

Now, the Bucs have released their first commercial for the rookie quarterback. It's obvious with this commercial that Tampa is positioning Winston as the face of the franchise, even though he hasn't taken a snap in a regular season game yet.

The Bucs have said that Winston will have every opportunity to win the starting quarterback role, but it's kind of obvious that he already is No. 1 on the depth chart. You aren't making commercials for the No. 2 quarterback this early in the process.

In the commercial, Tampa mixes some of Winston's highlights at Florida State with some shots of him in a Buccaneers jersey with various analysts calling him the next great in the NFL. In its history, the Bucs haven't had a franchise QB, they're hoping that changes with Winston under center.