J.J. Watt continues to show how freakish of an athlete he is

My dad is 5-foot-1, maybe 5-foot-2 on a good day. Now picture someone standing on flat ground, with no running start, jumping as high as his head. Because that's what Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt did.

Watt is one of the most explosive athletes in the NFL, and he proved it with this ridiculous 61-inch box jump. Let me remind you, this guy weighs close to 300 pounds and he can jump 61 inches from a standstill position.

Oh, and he did it while wearing Reebok shoes, which is his newest endorsement deal. I'm sure that those shoes will now fly off the shelves for people thinking that they can jump five feet high if they wore them, too.

I just have one complaint, if we're going to film something as legendary as this, please make sure you hold your phone horizontally because vertically shot videos suck.