Jameis Winston's quote about what inspired him to get in shape is hilarious

Sometimes, even the most talented of athletes need motivation to hit the gym.

There are some of us out there who struggle with finding motivation to get ourselves in shape. What you may not realize at some of the most gifted and talented professional athletes struggle with it as well — at least according to one NFL quarterback. Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston, in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated's the MMQB, Winston discusses his time at the Pro Bowl, where he replaced Tom Brady in this year's game in Hawaii, and had an interesting, and pretty humorously unexpected quote about what he learned. Working with guys such as Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, Winston said he learned that as a franchise quarterback, he needs to put a little more emphasis on his fitness routine.

"The most important thing I learned is I have to get my body in shape, because those men look good," Winston told the MMQB. "Not just the other quarterbacks — everyone. Their bodies look good. But also, Russell Wilson's preparation at the Pro Bowl. You know, it's a relaxing event, and he is still doing everything the right way. He is the first one to the huddle, leading guys in stretches, running everywhere you go."

Who would've thought that this, out of all things, is what would have stuck with him from his first-ever Pro Bowl experience? This isn't the first time we've seen Winston's fitness make headlines — last year, a couple of months before the NFL Draft, a picture surfaced that appeared to show that Winston gained a significant amount of weight since he declared for the NFL Draft.

Hopefully Wilson gave him some helpful tips on how to get started.