Jane Slater tackles a dummy.
Screenshot from Twitter

Female Reporter Tackles Dummy at NFL Training Camp, Showing Everyone How It's Done

NFL Network's Jane Slater showed everyone how it's done when she went up against a tackling dummy at training camp.

For any NFL teams looking for a linebacker, they might want to call Jane Slater.

The NFL Network reporter hits hard, as evidenced by her latest tackle at Dallas Cowboys training camp. Slater took to the tackling dummy to work on her skills, and it's got people talking. You can watch the video below courtesy of Slater on Twitter.

"I think I got concussed," Slater immediately says in the video.

Yeah, I'll venture to guess that tackling that thing is no joke. I'm not sure how much it weighs, but Slater packs a pretty strong punch toward it.

The NFL season officially starts in a little over a month on Sept. 7 between the Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions. Any teams that are having trouble wrapping up should show their players this video, because Slater has perfect tackling form.

Let's just hope her head is alright as the season approaches.

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