Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry may be in a bit of hot water after a video surfaced of him and the mother of his child in an alleged domestic violence incident.

The video was released by TMZ but was blurred by the police. Notably, Andy Slater of WINZ first reported the video in September. It clearly shows Landry making contact with the woman as she tried to exit the driver’s seat of a car.  The contact didn’t look to be much more than a chest bump, but Landry was clearly the aggressor in the incident.

That can be seen below:

For what it’s worth, this is an investigation that stems all the way back to August and in September, Landry was officially cleared of any wrongdoing by the Florida State Attorney’s Office by the fact that they didn’t charge him with a crime.

The woman also confessed to exaggerating the incident, according to TMZ as passed on by Bleacher Report:

“The woman originally told Florida police Landry had “battered” her, which he denied, but she later explained to authorities she “exaggerated” what happened, per TMZ Sports.”

For his part in the matter and now that the video has been released, a representative for Landry told TMZ that the wideout made incidental contract during the spat.
Whether or not the contact was incidental can and should be debated based on this video, but considering the fact that Landry was cleared of any legal wrongdoing and has played in all of Miami’s games this season, any heat he faces will be purely in the court of public opinion.
Video emerges of alleged domestic violence incident against two-time Pro Bowler TMZ screenshot
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