Jerry Jones is fueling the Adrian Peterson trade rumors

The Adrian Peterson trade rumors surrounding any team seemed dead, but Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones seemingly has fueled the fire again. In an interview with KRLD-AM, via, Jones said he would consider trading away the Cowboys' 2016 first-round pick in order to acquire a blue-chip running back. And if we believe this report, Minnesota does want a first-round pick if it were to trade away the six-time Pro Bowl running back.

"I'd be reluctant to, but certainly if the right situation came along that could improve us now, with where we are with (35-year-old quarterback) Tony Romo, his career and where we are with what we've put together, it's a good time to go for it," Jones said.

That answer certainly leaves the door open to acquire Peterson from the Vikings. But Minnesota has made it quite clear that the team has no intentions of moving Peterson. However, if Peterson makes it difficult for the organization, then a trade may be the only way to get rid of a major distraction.

He has reportedly said he wants to play for the Dallas Cowboys and his agent has come out and proclaimed that it's not in his client's best interests to play for Minnesota. Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has expressed his desires to play alongside Peterson, and it's possible that he may get his wish.