Jerry Rice, who once admitted to cheating, now denies ever using stickum

Shortly after the New England Patriots were accused of cheating in the AFC Championship game, Pro Football Hall of Famer Jerry Rice said the Patriots' Super Bowl victory should have an asterisk next to it. After making those comments, an interview with ESPN surfaced. In that interview, Rice admitted to using stickum, which was banned in 1981. He began playing in 1985. He looked like a huge hypocrite because he said New England's accomplishments are tainted, but his own personal achievements should fall under the same standards.

Now, Rice is going back on his comments by saying he mistakenly used the word "stickum."

I don't get how you can mistakenly use the word "stickum." It's not like it's an every day word or a word with multiple meanings. Football players know what stickum means. What's even more confusing is the fact that Rice originally apologized for using the banned substance, but now he says he didn't use it.

He got a lot of criticism for originally saying he used stickum because he threw every single receiver under the bus. Fellow hall of famers Michael Irvin and Cris Carter criticized his comments and said they never cheated.

Rice should just shut his mouth and stop talking.