Jim Harbaugh throws 49ers under the bus, and he is right to do so

Jim Harbaugh and the San Francisco 49ers "mutually agreed" to part ways after the last game of the 2014 season. It was seen as a nice gesture by San Francisco because they could've just outright fired him. Well, it turns out that is exactly what the team did. It wasn't so mutual after all.

Harbaugh admitted on Friday that he was fired.

"I was told I wouldn't be the coach anymore," Harbaugh told the TK show, a San Jose Mercury News podcast. "And then ... you can call it 'mutual,' I mean, I wasn't going to put the 49ers in the position to have a coach that they didn't want anymore.

"But that's the truth of it. I didn't leave the 49ers. I felt like the 49er hierarchy left me."

Harbaugh said he was told that he was going to be fired after the week 15 game against the Seahawks. San Francisco lost that game 17-7.

According to Harbaugh, after he was told that he was going to be fired, it was really awkward to be at the facilities.

"I wasn't reading anything that was on the Internet, I was really focused on doing my job, but definitely walk down the halls and people look away or they look at you and you know something's going on," Harbaugh said on the podcast.

Including the playoffs, Harbaugh was 49-22-1 in his four seasons with the 49ers.