Josh Norman said Dez Bryant made a threat, and now he's backtracking like no other

Josh Norman and Dez Bryant are now downplaying their recent feud

Redskins cornerback Josh Norman is backing away from accusations he made against Dez Bryant that the Cowboys receiver made some startling threats during their Thanksgiving Day matchup.

After a game that saw Bryant and Norman descend into outright madness, jawing at each other and tussling after the whistle ad nauseum, Norman alleged during a postgame interview that Bryant told him, "Where I come from we unload the clip."

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But, via PFT, Norman told the Washington Post Monday that Bryant never actually uttered those words, and suggested he was just paraphrasing Bryant. Norman also downplayed the whole fiasco.

"It really wasn't a situation," Norman said. "It was a game. We lost. They won. That was it."

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For his part, Bryant expressed regret about his role in the war of words with Norman.

"I wish I never did what I did, but that's Ok because it's over with now," Bryant said Monday. "It's all said and sone. I wish I never done it. It happened. It's over with."