Kam Chancellor jumps over entire line twice, somehow doesn't block FG

Seattle Seahawks LB Kam Chancellor had three opportunities to block a Graham Gano FG for the Panthers. I'll explain why he had three opportunities below. It's still amazing how he somehow didn't get a piece of the ball after watching the videos below.

On the first try, Chancellor timed the snap perfectly, jumping over the line to have a clear shot for the block. He somehow missed and Gano's kick flew threw the uprights. However, Carolina was called for a false start, which negated the kick.

After the penalty, Chancellor did it again. This time the distraction got to Gano and he pulled the kick terribly. However, another flag was thrown for Chancellor running into the kicker.

After two attempts, Chancellor declined to do it again and Gano nailed the kick. It was definitely a crazy sequence of events and stunning that after the first time Carolina wouldn't change their snap count.