Kellen Winslow Jr. tells Antonio Cromartie to learn his kids' names


Former NFL tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. instigated a Twitter spat with his former teammate New York Jets CB Antonio Cromartie on Wednesday. That fight carried over into Thursday with a harsh comment from Winslow.

If you recall, after Winslow called out Cromartie, the Jets CB fired back with a comment about Winslow's alleged incident in a Target parking lot where he was found masturbating in his car. A day later, Winslow responded with his below-the-belt comment.

Cromartie has 10 children with eight different women. Regardless of this fact, to question a man's fatherhood over Twitter is beyond immature.

Jets head coach Todd Bowles caught wind of Cromartie's recent comments (this and the Revis-Sherman debate) and he is urging players to be more cognizant of their remarks on social media.


"Me and Cro talked about it," Bowles said via "I don't know what happened today, about the Kellen Winslow thing. I'm not on Twitter, Facebook or any of those things. We talked about it [the Revis-Sherman comments]. We're just trying to focus on the team. We didn't win last year, and there's really nothing to talk about, other than us getting better. All the other outside stuff, we don't worry about."


It looks like the Cromartie-Winslow fight is over.