Kyle Brandt flirts with Vanna White
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NFL Network Host Flirts With Vanna White On Celebrity Wheel of Fortune

One of the hosts of NFL Network's "Good Morning Football" made the absolute most of their appearance on "Wheel of Fortune."

The always-colorful Kyle Brandt — known by many football fans for his energy-fueled "Angry Runs" segment on NFL Network's "Good Morning Football" — made a memorable appearance on "Celebrity Wheel of Fortune" Wednesday night.

After seeing what went down during his introduction, it's probably safe to say that we won't be forgetting this one anytime soon. Like many others, Brandt has had a crush on co-host Vanna White that dates back to his childhood years. But, apparently, this was a known fact given the way game show legend Pat Sajak began conversing with Brandt.

"I know you're a big fan of the lady over there," Sajak said, before being hilariously interrupted by the NFL Network host. Just by that move alone — along with Brandt's well-known sense of humor — you got the sense things were about to get interesting.

Here's the clip of Brandt (as he put it in his social media post) leaving it all on the field:

While it's likely that this was all discussed in some capacity before they hit the stage, the way Sajak was completely dismissed right off the bat was unbelievable.

"Pat, I'm thrilled to meet you. But, Vanna, let's just put the cards on the table. Uh, I say this respectfully, you're a TV legend, my wife is here. You were my boyhood crush. I love ya. For many years of my life, you were the puzzle I wanted to solve. And I am so thrilled to be here."

Talk about making the very most of the moment. Brandt really went out there and told Vanna White on national television that she has always been the puzzle he wanted to solve. Delivering such a hall-of-fame line, with millions of people watching, feels like it's now mandatory to officially upgrade Brandt to "legendary status."

Yet, somehow, some way, his appearance managed to get even better from there:

"Do you have any advice for me today, Vanna? Because I believe you control the board. I love ya, Pat, but to me this a Vanna show."

Poor Sajak just stood there, catching strays left and right on his own show, while sporting an extremely hilarious puzzled expression throughout the discourse. But everyone really stepped up here, with White's key words of advice including, "Just concentrate on the puzzle board, not me. OK? Keep me out of it."

Sajak went on to rightfully roast Brandt for his pickup line, with Brandt offering up an awesome retort, saying, "Did I hit bankrupt on that, Pat?"

If you have ever wondered why Brandt has become such a popular NFL Network personality with an ever-increasing presence, look no further than this "Wheel of Fortune" moment. There just always seems to be something extra when Brandt's involved in the conversation, and it's almost always an amusing bit of commentary straight out of left field.

With sports media leaning so hard toward cookie-cutter, click-baiting cliches these days, a personality such as Brandt does a superb job in evening out the scales.

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