NFL Pro Football Hall of Famers Tony Dorsett (left) and Mike Ditka (right) award Jerome Bettis of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Levitra Play of the year Award at the Jacksonville Convention Center onbruary 2, 2005 (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

Latest ESPN layoff reportedly features NFL Hall of Famer and Super Bowl champ

This is madness!

Jerome Bettis has been a staple on NFL-based television since retiring from the league as an active player in 2006. While "The Bus" has not necessarily been at the forefront over the last few years, Bettis has been employed at ESPN since 2013 and, before that, he was a staple for both NBC and NFL Network after leaving the league as a player.

However, Bettis will now be looking for work for the first time in a few years, as Michael McCarthy of Sporting News brings word that he is among the layoffs taking place at ESPN. This continues a shake-up in the NFL division of the company, as names like Ed Werder and Trent Dilfer were already let go.

It should be noted that the story does not include input from Bettis himself and there has been no public mention (from either side) about the parting of ways. Still, the mounting number of layoffs that have reached the public sphere has not reached the reported number of 100, so it is easy to see how this would take place.

Jerome Bettis will likely be able to find work in the (very) near future, and that is a positive thing when discussing a Hall of Fame player and former Super Bowl champion. Still, this is another black eye for ESPN and they just won't stop.