New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady may very well be the greatest NFL quarterback off all-time, but Cleveland Cavaliers’ star LeBron James is hesitant about crowing him as the “greatest athlete of all-time.”

James, in a video for The Shop, which included Draymond Green, Charles Oakley and 2 Chainz, opens up about why he’s not sure a football player can be considered the greatest athlete for one huge reason: They don’t play both sides of all the ball.

James has a point. For basketball players, and the majority of baseball players, they are expected to be good not only on offense, but defense, too, which is a higher, more-difficult workload than a football player who only has to worry about one role on the team.

James, one of the best two-way players, is careful not to disparage Brady, as he considers him the greatest quarterback he’s ever seen, but he only impacts one side of the ball, which is why James feels the way he does about him, and football players in general.


Three-time NBA champion explains why he doesn’t think Tom Brady is the greatest athlete ever Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

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