Lions brilliantly troll Cowboys after controversial Dez Bryant catch overturned

After being on the wrong end of multiple calls in the Wild Card round against the Dallas Cowboys, the Detroit Lions took to Twitter to poke at the Cowboys misfortune over the Dez Bryant catch that was overturned.

For those who did not see the play, Dallas had a 4th-and-2 late in the fourth quarter when Tony Romo threw up a prayer to Bryant. Bryant made an incredible catch, one of the best you'll see, and came down with the catch. Except it was reversed after the refs ruled that the ball hit the ground and caused Bryant to lose possession before he made a football move. On a closer look, you can clearly see that the ball did move when Bryant came down to the ground.

Well, if you remember, back in 2010, Calvin Johnson made an incredible TD catch that was overturned after it was ruled he didn't have complete possession. So, the Lions took to Twitter to remind the Cowboys of the rule.

It's a very clever troll move by Detroit especially after last Sunday's debacle. I'm sure whomever controls Detroit's Twitter account loved every bit of the karma Dallas got.