Lions offensive lineman Dominic Raiola stomps on Bears defensive lineman, suspended one game

UPDATE: Raiola has been suspended one game for stomping on Ferguson's foot. Here's the NFL's release on the matter. 

Bears WR Brandon Marshall had some very harsh words concerning the suspension and Raiola as a person:


Lions center Dominic Raiola is one of the dirtiest, if not the dirtiest, players in the NFL. Earlier this season, Raiola admitted to trying to injure a Patriots defensive lineman earlier this season. Now, Raiola was back to his dirty ways on Sunday against the Bears.

He could be seen in the video below stomping on Bears defensive lineman Ego Ferguson.

(h/t @_MarcusD_)

The NFL needs to send a message to Raiola and other players that this behavior cannot be tolerated. Raiola is despicable and needs to be harshly punished for trying to injure another player.