Jared Goff LA Rams New Uniforms

An NFL team's new uniforms are absolutely horrendous

These are the worst.

The Los Angeles Rams are currently suffering from an identity crisis.

The Rams, who will be debuting new uniforms when the team opens their new, state-of-the-art stadium that they'll be sharing with the Los Angeles Chargers in 2019 or 2020, are going to wear a combination of their classic uniforms and mid-2000s St. Louis Rams uniforms this fall.

Here is the result:

As Turf Show Times' writer Sosa Kremenjas points out, this uniform has *three* different shades of blue to go along with the white and odd slashes of gold.

Simply put: There is a lot going on with these uniforms, and none of it looks good. The Rams are in a tough spot because they can't unveil a full-transformation until they open up their new stadium in a few years, but this temporary look is brutal.

For a team trying to find its place in the Los Angeles Sports Arena, having stylish and slick uniforms is a good start, something the Chargers already have.

Maybe these uniforms grow on us this fall, but for right now, this looks like a huge swing-and-a-miss for the Rams.