LSU head coach Brian Kelly looking on as his team plays Florida State in New Orleans.
Chris Graythen via Getty Images

LSU's Brian Kelly May Have Revealed Commanders' Draft Pick

LSU coach Brian Kelly is a fan of quarterback Jayden Daniels. And according to Kelly, so are the Washington Commanders.

Now, Danels is widely expected to be among the top QBs selected in next month's NFL Draft. The Commanders have the No. 2 overall pick and are expected to take a QB. So you do the math.

But in case you can't add, Kelly likely revealed everything you need to know about who the Commanders will take — and that's his former QB with the Tigers. (USC's Caleb Williams is expected to go first to the Chicago Bears, by the way.)

"He is going to be so committed to taking care of himself and they don't have to worry about size or that he doesn't weigh enough," Kelly told reporters at LSU's pro day. "Lamar (Jackson) has done pretty well for his size, (Patrick) Mahomes I wouldn't consider him a giant, cause he's going to get the ball out to his playmakers and make plays for Washington."

Interestingly, some say that Daniels has a shot to go No. 1 overall. But Kelly almost made it sound as if it's a done deal — that Washington will be selecting Daniels.

This is news because no one's quite sure which direction the Commanders would go. Many assume they'll take Daniels if he's there. But this is the NFL Draft and teams like to keep things a massive secret until the last second. Kelly may have ruined all that for Washington.

This could be the classic situation of a coach complimenting one of his players and essentially pitching a team to draft his quarterback, but the nonchalance of Kelly's comments about Daniels to Washington makes it sound like he may know something only folks inside the Commanders' front office know at this point," wrote Mark Harris of Outkick.