Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers absolutely ripped the heart out of the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday afternoon with a last minute drive to seal the 35-31 win. It was a tough loss, but was it heartbreaking enough to lead one to actually light themselves on fire over the outcome?

Apparently, and believe it or not, the answer to that question is yes.

According to Andy Hodges of the Sebastian Daily, a 27-year-old Florida man had to be rushed to a medical center because he was set on fire. Police responded to the incident around 9:00 p.m. on Sunday night and according to the report, residents at a home in Vero Beach were watching the Packers and Cowboys when someone put on a jersey that was set on fire. This was apparently a bet on the game, with the losing team’s jersey having to be burnt.

Why the 27-year-old man put on the burning jersey may forever be a mystery (who knows what runs through the minds of crazy people?) but the results were expected catastrophic for the said crazy person.

Here’s an excerpt from Hodges’ report:

A witness told Sebastian Daily, “He was set on fire after losing a bet on the Cowboys game … Skin was hanging off his arm and back.”

The man suffered third-degree burns on his right arm and right hand and second-degree burns to his back.

When the woman’s team won, her husband went outside to light his jersey on fire. He told deputies that he was drunk and tried to put the jersey on while it was burning.

Family members pulled the jersey off the man at the Vero Beach residence and rushed him to the Indian River Medical Center.

Alcohol and football usually are a good mix in moderation. Alcohol and fire, though? Those two elements are rarely ever a good idea. Throw in the emotion of Sunday afternoon’s game — and the heartbreak that likely ensued for his poor Dallas fan — and that’s how you end up in the hospital.

Rodgers and Devante Adams burnt the Cowboys’ defense. This fool ended the day by burning himself.

(H/T CBS Sports)

Man set himself on fire after Dallas Cowboys lost a nail-biter to the Green Bay Packers Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
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