PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 21: Fox TV analyst Mark Sanchez looks on prior to the game between the Washington Football Team and Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on December 21, 2021 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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Mark Sanchez Under Fire for Insensitive Joke During NFL Broadcast

Football analyst Mark Sanchez is receiving some mixed responses online after a joke he made during the broadcast of Sunday's game between the Washington Commanders and Seattle Seahawks.

The former New York Jets draft pick is now announcing for CBS and made a joke saying "Brown on Brown crime" during the game. The joke referred to a play that involved two players with the last name "Brown" — Commanders receiver Dyami Brown and Seahawks defensive back Tre Brown.

"We got Brown on Brown crime, right up top, but it's just an inside slant. Watch him stem him, get foot to foot, face to face, then break off a 45 degree angle ...," Sanchez said while analyzing the play between the receiver and defensive back.

A small handful of fans spoke up about his comment.

"Oh that was Mark Sanchez lol makes it funnier," one user said.

"So I wasn't the only one that heard that. A little racism for your Sunday afternoon. SMH," another user wrote, with the post receiving two likes.

"oh mark...," another user wrote with a GIF of World Wrestling Entertainment Chairman and owner Vince McMahon putting his hand across his throat to signal "cut."

Most users took it light-heartedly, though, even going after BroBible's Dov Kleiman, who was one of many to post the clip.

"Only you would be offended by this lmao," one user responded to Kleiman.

Most users pushed back in response to Kleiman's post.

Sanchez, who was drafted fifth overall by the New York Jets in 2009, has been in broadcasting since 2019 after he retired from the NFL. He initially joined ESPN as a college football analyst.

Of course, with any off-the-cuff joke, there's going to be viewpoints on both sides, but it certainly has fans talking about him and the broadcast he was a part of.

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