Marshawn Lynch sings and opens up in rare interview with Entertainment Tonight

We may have finally figured out how to get through to Marshawn Lynch. The media needs to start asking him to sing, apparently he loves it. The majority of media members have just been asking the wrong questions. Just look how happy he is!

Lynch was asked to sing a Katy Perry song by former Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams. He didn't sing a Perry song, but he did sing a song.

For singing, Entertainment Tonight gave him an Xbox One, in which he responded immediately that it would be going to his Fam 1st Family foundation and one lucky kid would get it. By the tone of his voice, you can tell that Lynch is really proud of his charity and has no problem talking about it.

"At home during the off season I have a camp where I sponsor about 800 kids that come to a free football camp and that's just one of the events we do," Lynch said. "We've been doing work in our community for about nine years now. I actually played against three kids that came through my foundation in the [NFL]. I got about five kids that'll be entering the [NFL] Draft this year."

I don't really care if Lynch talks to the media or not. Yes, it's in his contract, but if he wants to give the same answer over and over again then so be it. As long as he continues to help out his community and the children, then he's OK in my book.